As an expression of our support for people in Fukushima, we created a three dimensional typographic poster out of paper bearing the name of the project. The poster represents our hope that our words and messages can encourage them during this difficult time.


This design was inspired by the Japanese traditional custom, Senbazuri, which means a group of a thousand origami cranes. It is customary to fold these cranes to wish someone luck. We wanted to pay tribute to this custom through the process of constructing the paper sculpture.


The words on the poster were inspired by the instant encouragement and consoling words that Japanese people were able to receive just after the tsunami and earthquakes hit Japan, through social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter.





Through the concern that people in Montreal have shown towards Japan, Kyosuke received a lot of encouragement and consoling messages from people here, and wanted to find a way to convey those messages to people in Japan. He also wants to let Japanese people know that a lot of people support his country, so they have to look up and start moving towards their future.


creative director: Kyosuke Nishida

art director: Kyosuke Nishida, Brian Li Sui Fong

designer: Dominic Liu


photographer: Simon Duhamel

This project was realized with the help of Surface3 Design Office.